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Rare macaw thief is caught on CCTV

image2robTHE MOMENT A rare species of macaw was stolen from a petshop in Nottinghamshire has been caught on camera.

The young Illiger’s macaw (Primolius maracana) was taken from Urban Exotics in Kirkbyin- Ashfield over the Easter weekend (April 16 at 12.30pm). Petshop owner Daniel Morley told Cage & Aviary Birds that although the alleged thief can be identified on the store’s CCTV cameras, the police have not caught him yet.

A white male was seen entering the shop on two occasions. He was filmed holding and stroking the hand-reared macaw named Pedro before putting it under his jacket and leaving the store. Mr Morley believes that the bird was stolen to order. He said: “We think that somebody had already decided what they wanted and he was sent in to take it.”

The Illiger’s macaw, which is also known as a blue-winged macaw, is classified as Near Threatened in the wild. It is a CITES Appendix 1 species, which means it cannot be traded without a legal Article 10 certificate.

John Hayward of the National Theft Register (NTR) explained: “If the bird is entered into such trade, those persons involved can suffer a very heavy custodial sentence.

“This may well have been an unplanned, spur-of-the-moment opportunist theft, and we would hope that the bird has survived and is still in the Nottinghamshire area.”

The macaw has an identifiable ring, and part of the inscription reads 5LDEB. A reward has been offered for its safe return and any information leading to the conviction of the thief.

Staff at Urban Exotics are concerned for the young bird’s welfare. Mr Morley said: “We only had the macaw for four weeks, but we named him Pedro and he was a friendly chap. He had already been sold to new owners and was awaiting collection. Now we have to let them know that he’s been stolen – they will be disappointed and concerned.”

The NTR is urging people to report any sighting or potential sale of this bird and to contact John Hayward on 01869 325 699. If you recognise the man in the CCTV footage, please contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101 ext 318 9748.

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