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YCC copyrights the Yorkie on Canary Council advice

Golding-ModelTHE YORKSHIRE CANARY Golding model has been copyrighted by the Yorkshire Canary Club (YCC), and is now effective in approximately 170 countries worldwide.

The decision to copyright the model and the Yorkshire canary name followed OMJ’s shock decision at its technical meeting last September to change the Scale of Points for the Lizard canary, which will apply to all COM shows (see News, December 21/28, 2016).

Without consultation, a new Scale of Points proposed by COM-Portugal was agreed, as opposed to the Lizard Canary Association’s (LCA) standard used on the Continent since the 1950s. Objections by the LCA and Canary Council (CC), among others, have been put forward, but LCA chairman John Martin warned that if the decision to change the Scale of Points stood, there would be a real threat to other British type canary standards.

At the same OMJ technical meeting, representatives from Turkey put forward a proposal for drastic changes to the Yorkshire canary model. That discussion has been deferred until the 2018 meeting. But the CC now advises all canary sections to protect their standard.

CC treasurer Chris Smith said: “If organisations want to protect their standard in law, they must register the copyright of the standard, text and model – no one can then change it without the organisation’s permission. Registering the copyright only costs a few pounds.

“COM is supposed to be having discussions with all national groups about the changes, but as yet the CC has not heard any thing.”

The YCC said using UK copyright protection service Protect My Work Ltd, made registering the model simple. Vice chairman Brian Keenan explained: “This is a safeguard against COM making inroads to change the model in the future, without the consent of the host nation parent body for the Yorkshire canary.

“The world holds the Golding model in high esteem, so it is something we will fight to protect, until our members tell us otherwise. The club is not seeking to make money from the copyrighting – in fact it will continue to cost us money, but it will protect what we already hold on behalf of the hobby.”

● For advice on copyrighting standards, contact the Canary Council on 0208 5752 716.

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