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Scots fancy breeders bring back 'name the winner' show tradition

Donald Skinner-ReidTHE SCOTS FANCY Specialist Club (SFSC) has resurrected an old show tradition that is documented in a history book on the Scots fancy canary.

The purpose is to reintroduce the following rule: the owner of the best bird of the show season names their bird with a special title. At the club’s March AGM, officials agreed that the winning bird(s) must accumulate three best-in-show wins in one show season to be eligible for a title. This competition will now apply to future SFSC shows.

Club secretary Ken Laurie explained: “In the book Scots Fancy and Belgian Canaries by John Robson, revised by James Blake, there is reference to winning birds being given a name. The examples that are given are ‘Scotland’s Pride’ and ‘Highland Laddie’.

“The idea to revise this tradition was raised by member Donald Skinner- Reid and everybody present at the meeting gave his idea 100 per cent support.”

The bird can be named whatever the owner wishes, and this name will forever apply to the bird. The club believes this idea will further promote the club and the breed; encourage members to exhibit more birds than they have done in the past; and encourage others to join the SFSC. Conditions of the competition are:

● The owner must be a fully paid-up member of the SFSC.
● The bird must be ownerbred.
● The same bird must win best Scots in show: – for a Scottish breeder, at the Club Show and two other shows at which there is competition; – for an otherwise UK or Irish breeder, at three shows at which there is competition.
● The award is open for the show season only – the same bird must accumulate three wins in one show season (best in show).
● Novices and juniors are eligible for the award.
● The owner must notify the SFSC secretary of the wins.

Mr Laurie added: “At the next AGM, the club will announce who has earned the right – several people may have earned the right in the same year – and will be awarded a diploma with the bird’s name inscribed. The secretary will send details to Cage & Aviary Birds to be published.”


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