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New design revamps Western Premier group's classification

2017-Class-grabTHE WESTERN PREMIER Specialist & Rare Variety Budgerigar Show will have a new-look classification for its 17th open show this September.

The classification has been simplified by colour coding to combat wrong classing, and has expanded from one A4 sheet to four A5 sheets to accommodate added classes over the years, as well as extra colour groups. Previously all classes were presented in one table, but now this has been split into separate colour groups. For example, when spangles were officially split into separate groups a few years ago (green, blue and double factor) this was squeezed into the group’s classification. Now this information has been spread out and is clearly displayed.

Similarly, the Budgerigar Society (BS) recently split clearbodies from the rare variety group, which has also been displayed more clearly on the group’s new classification.

Bob Allen, group show secretary, explained: “We were continuously having fanciers enter in the wrong class due to the classification’s small printed text. So I decided to try something a little different with a new look, which is much easier for fanciers to find which class to put a given bird in both from colour/variety and relevant status positions.”

Since its formation in 1999, the group has used a different classification to the BS. The BS stages birds in sections, whereas the Western Premier presents the birds in colour/ variety groups and judges each variety once (no overall best in show or section winners).

Mr Allen said: “We will always try to accommodate any new colour/variety that the BS include in their classification and have provided classes for new varieties in the first year that they have been recognised as a separate colour/ variety. Further additions will be easier to accommodate thanks to a much better classification design.”

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