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New Gloster society planned for West Midlands

UnknownA NEW SPECIALIST Gloster canary club is to target “the whole spectrum” of Gloster breeders, exhibitors and keepers in the West Midlands, according to officials.

Several Gloster breeders and well-known judges, including Messrs Coxall, Cronin, Guest, Hayward, Herring, Hulse, Kelham, Mortimer, Webb and Pritchard, got together early last month to form the West Midlands Gloster Association (WMGA).

They decided that the new club will target the West Midlands, including the counties of Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, West Midland Metropolitan and Herefordshire,.

Their reasoning was that, with the exception of the National Exhibition and International Gloster Breeders Association (IGBA) shows in October, there are no all- Gloster shows within 50 miles of Birmingham.

Two of the founder members, Steve Pritchard , from Staffordshire, and Bob Mortimer, from Warwickshire, explained: “We have been looking into the possibility of starting a new club for three to four years, but it’s only within the past 12 months that this idea has started to become a reality. It was unanimously agreed that there was a ‘gap in the market’ for an active association and we all decided to form the WMGA with its primary aims being:

■ to promote the keeping, welfare, breeding, exhibiting and furthering the interest of the Gloster canary fancy;

■ to host an annual all-Gloster open show within 30 miles of central Birmingham;

■ and to provide a vehicle for breeders to meet regularly.”

At the club’s inaugural meeting on April 9, on the agenda is to discuss the appointment of officers, club rules and meeting frequency. Fanciers are invited along to Fairfield Village Hall, Stourbridge Road, Fairfield, Bromsgrove B61 9LZ at 11am.

Messrs Pritchard and Mortimer added: “Unlike many Gloster groups that solely exist to promote the Gloster canary through an annual open show, we intend to target people wishing to meet regularly to discuss all things Gloster and arrange visits to places of mutual interest. We will also be looking into providing a method/pathway for members to develop as trainee judges.”

● For more details, contact Steve Pritchard, tel: 07947 688 817, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or search “Gloster Canary Keepers & Breeders UK” on Facebook.

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