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Fifes to join Border competition in November

Best-junior-Fife-benched-by-Emma-Denton-SnapeA PROPOSAL TO include a full Fife classification at the Border Canary Association’s (BCA) 2017 open show has been granted.

Last July, BCA secretary Fraser Anderson told Cage & Aviary Birds that if interest from fanciers was high, a new Fife classification would go ahead (see News, July 6, 2016).

Fife fanciers willing to exhibit at the two-day show on November 4-5, 2017, came forward, and although numbers did not reach expectations, the club will go ahead and trial Fifes.

For the classification to be viable at future shows about 300 Fife entries are required. Mr Anderson said: “Those who have contacted the club are very willing to support the show. At a recent meeting it was decided that the way forward was to put the Fife classification on and see how it goes.

“The result of this year’s show will determine if the club continues with Fife classes or not. The club is keeping positive that our target of 300 entries can be achieved, but time will tell.”

To support this new venture, three fanciers (two committee members) have donated £120 towards the £230 total for Fife specials (£50 for best Fife). Any other donations would be gratefully appreciated by the club.

“Our biggest expense is the hire of the hall,” said Mr Anderson. “So if Fife entries and memberships can cover the specials and a little towards the hall hire then the BCA will continue offering a Fife classification. But if the Fifes can’t pay for themselves then it defeats the purpose.

“The club is not looking to make money, but it needs to cover costs. At present, without many generous donations we are not achieving this.”

Entries close on October 28, one week before the show to be held at the Volunteer Hall in Galashiels.

● For open show info, tel: 01573 410 515 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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