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In the September 20 2017, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, even those who don't have the good fortune of swallows nesting under their eaves enjoy the return of these lovely birds in spring. Bill Naylor delves into the life history of the swallows and martins, and reveals some unexpected successes with them in aviculture

In news, we report that Mid Essex Budgerigar Society (BS) has breezed onto the gold patronage list for 2018, after achieving a remarkable open-show benched entry of 710 and the World Parrot Trust (WPT) has teamed up with artist Chris Maynard for an exclusive fundraising: an auction of wildlife art in order to support parrot conservation.

We take flight in birds for granted and so, perhaps, do birds! Yet in truth it involves extremely complex physical and metabolic processes, as Paul Donovan makes clear in the first of two articles. Part 2 follows in the October 11 issue

Dot Schwarz examines the theories behind the incentives when asking a bird for a certain behaviour, and explains why she is always for reward and against punishment


How about this for a stroke of luck? When Graham Paine made his return to birdkeeping, he was invited to visit the great Gerald Binks. Here he shares some lessons learned at Tanglewood that no budgie fancier should forget

Plus lots more, including Marketplace, Bird Notes, zebra finches, canaries and budgies, plus lots more.








DTI001 20_09_17

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