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In the April 19, 2017, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, Bill Naylor reveals how the nuthatch is just as entertaining in aviculture as in the wild - whatever name we use for it.

In news, Northamptonshire Alliance CBS says it will continue to flourish following a modernisation of its structure and an overhaul of its committee; and scientists reveal how zebra finches use two parts of their brain to learn song, and that one part teaches the other.

Deciding when to bring your canaries into breeding condition can be tricky - especially given that the bigger breeds need a bit more time than the more petite birds. Dave Brown hears from expert breeders about how to get the best results from those larger canaries.

Knowing your limits when you consider taking on a parrot is the first step towards a happy partnership - and for many in that position, says Rosemary Low, one of the many delightful smaller species makes a sensible choice.


Continuing his occasional series of reminiscences, Graham Wellstead, enlarges on his early days as a young wildlife 'doctor', and remembers some of the humbler and less spectacular creatures that came his way, as his practical skills with birds continued to evolve.

Plus lots more, including Gail Harland's waterbirds, Bird Notes, Zebra finches, Alderton's Observations and whydahs and widowbirds, plus lots more.








DTI001 19_04_17

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