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Editor's Blog 8th July 2015

AT ONE TIME or another, we’ve all been dropped fairly and squarely into the sticky stuff. And just recently this is what’s happened to the Yorkshire Canary Club: after a run of successful annual open shows since 2009 at a highly suitable venue, a school in Leeds, the club was informed at horribly short notice that the venue was not going to be available for this year’s open show in October.

I say “the club”, but in fact it was an individual who had to accept the burden of breaking the news to members and finding a solution pdq, namely the chairman Barry Mills. (See news story, page 4, and Barry’s own inside story of events on page 5.) Now, I appreciate that, for many club members, this sort of occasion is exactly what the chairman is there for and that this is when they should earn their corn, as opposed to heading up the odd club meeting.

I also appreciate that, in this case, Barry would not have been thinking or acting in strict isolation, since he enjoys the support of competent and proactive fellow officials. That doesn’t alter the fact that the pressure, anxiety and hard work to meet a tight deadline would have weighed heavily on his shoulders. For sure, I wouldn’t like to be responsible for guaranteeing that those overseas visitors (including world-class Irish exhibitors) who had already booked flights and accommodation, would actually have an event to attend. That’s pressure for you.

And let’s not forget, either, that any “corn” that chairmen “earn” is pretty figurative: these folk are unpaid volunteers. Anyway, after some nifty brainwork and footwork, Barry has ensured that the October open show will indeed go ahead at the customary venue. In other words, the club’s chairman has taken responsibility and got the job done.

There’s a compromise involved, in that the show will effectively be a one-day event rather than the traditional and expected two. Exhibitors are bound to be disappointed at that but, when the facts are placed before them, I’m convinced they will see the positives. Shortly (July 18), there is to be a YCC show meeting at which all members will have the chance to offer constructive suggestions for 2016 and future years. At least there will be a bit of time for planning. Enjoy your birds this week.

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